What We Do

It is possible to recover, overcome, cope and move on. At Branches a caring, trained counselor will walk you through the process. We are uniquely equipped because we provide both state licensed therapists & pastoral counselors. To breathe again, to start over, to feel joy is not only possible, but also it is God’s plan for you.

Individual Counseling

Branches offers counseling for adults, teens & children who are caught in depression & anxiety, overcome by fear or shame, and struggling with sexual addictions, eating disorders & chemical dependency.

Family Counseling

We address the individual needs & the family unit as a whole. We offer care for marriage & parenting issues, divorce recovery, and grief & loss issues as well as a number of proactive programs such as The Parent Project & Covenant Marriage Retreats.

Intensive Counseling

INTENSIVES are a powerful weeklong experience of healing & hope. Clients stay off campus while they participate in five full days of counseling, groups, discipleship, & other treatment modes. The purpose is to reduce the level of emotional & spiritual pain, break through stuck places, & develop a long-term recovery program when the crisis & difficulties of life have become too much.

Support Groups

Visit our website or follow our e-letter to stay aware of support groups, training classes, & community groups on a myriad of topics.

Bring Branches to You

The Branches team is active with on-location speaking engagements, workshops, conferences and retreats. We will work closely with you to design a program that fits your needs. Contact our office at 615-904-7170 or email Molli Craddock at molli@branchescounselingcenter.com to discuss having a Branches representative come to your meeting.