INTENSIVE…what is it?

What Happens At An Intensive?

An INTENSIVE is a one week, deeply focused, therapeutic event at Branches. The goal is to do in a short period of time through intense counseling what might otherwise take months or years. Clients begin early on Monday morning and conclude on Friday afternoon with a daily regimen of counseling, support groups, EMDR, inner-healing prayer and much more. It is truly life changing.

INTENSIVES are appropriate for non-using addicts needing to strengthen their recovery, persons with depression or anxiety issues where they have become stuck, couples in crisis, and a number of other hurts, habits, or hang-ups that need a boost for forward progress.

In both November and December our INTENSIVES will be the 2nd week if the month. That is November 7-11 and December 12-16. Give yourself or someone you love the gift of healing in 2011. Call Branches for more information about an INTENSIVE. (615) 904-7170.

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